MHM Microtechnique & Ultrasonic Instrumentation

Development of NDT and NDE ultrasonic equipment | Development of non-invasive and non-destructive testing methods | Development of ultrasound spectroscopy techniques for material characterization, for on-line applications and for quality and process controls | Research support in ultrasonics diagnostic for rapid, in-line, dynamic, sizing, texture and structure analysis

Non-invasive measurement of temperature

High temperature measurement

The MHM-ultrasound device which was tranformed for successful pilot test to detect particles in the above projects was also adapted for measurement, at the lab scale and at the pilot scale, for high temperature measurement up to 260°C. Ultrasonic sensors are now under development for application up to 750°C.

The advantage of this technology is the possibility to measure hot spot in real-time far from the sensor location. Any part of equipment which are not accessible can be tested through this technique because ultrasonic waves are send from the external to the location of interest and then analysed continuously.


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