MHM Microtechnique & Ultrasonic Instrumentation

Development of NDT and NDE ultrasonic equipment | Development of non-invasive and non-destructive testing methods | Development of ultrasound spectroscopy techniques for material characterization, for on-line applications and for quality and process controls | Research support in ultrasonics diagnostic for rapid, in-line, dynamic, sizing, texture and structure analysis

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MHM Microtechnique

Dr. Stefan Meyer

Department of  Instrumentation

Ch. du Bois 8, CP 39, CH-1303 Penthaz / Vaud


tel. +41 (0) 79 204 25 24 




Member of the American Chemical Society

Best five publication in the Measurement Science and Technology journal within the year 2005



Development of a multi frequency pulse diagnostic ultrasound device (2005); Goodenough TIJ, Rajendram VS, Meyer S, Pretre D; Ultrasonics 43(3) pp165-171

Detection and quantification of insoluble particles by ultrasound spectroscopy (2005); Goodenough TIJ, Rajendram VS, Meyer S, Pretre D; Ultrasonics 43(4) pp231-235

Characterization of reconstituted milk powder by ultrasound spectroscopy (2006); Meyer S, Povey MJW, Rajendram VS; Journal of food quality

Detection of suspended crystallitzed materials and undissolved particles in dairy products (2005) Meyer S, Povey MJW; Journal of food quality

Non-contact evaluation of milk-based products using air-coupled ultrasound (2006) Meyer S, Hindle S, Sandoz JP, Gan TH, Hutchins DA; Measurement science and technology

A comparative study of ultrasound and laser light diffraction techniques for particle size determination in dairy beverages (2005); Meyer S, Rajendram VS, Povey MJW, Goodenough TIJ, Berrut S, Pinfield VJ; Measurement Science and Technology

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