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Development of NDT and NDE ultrasonic equipment | Development of non-invasive and non-destructive testing methods | Development of ultrasound spectroscopy techniques for material characterization, for on-line applications and for quality and process controls | Research support in ultrasonics diagnostic for rapid, in-line, dynamic, sizing, texture and structure analysis

Ultrasound in Fluids


The wavelenght of the ultrasonic waves is well within the range of the nanometer and the micrometer. Thus, the ultrasonic technology is well adapted to characterize particles, bubbles, defects or any discontinuties of that range.

It is since many years that MHM, through its Innovation Center, is equipped with a large library of ultrasonic sensors to carry out experiments within this range of sizes. Application of the correct model will then determine physical parameters such as: size, concentration, aggregation, cohesive force, shell thickness, distribution and shape giving information about the overall textural and structural properties of the material.


Particle detection

The past project we run at MHM with the MHM-ultrasonic device for the laboratory prospection successfuly detected in opaque liquids without dilution 3 kind of particles within the range of 100nm at a concentration of 100ppm, 10-20micron at the concentration of 1ppm and another type of 50micron at 250ppb where the density of the particle was almost the same as the density of the surouding due to cohesive forces.


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