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Development of NDT and NDE ultrasonic equipment | Development of non-invasive and non-destructive testing methods | Development of ultrasound spectroscopy techniques for material characterization, for on-line applications and for quality and process controls | Research support in ultrasonics diagnostic for rapid, in-line, dynamic, sizing, texture and structure analysis

Air contact evaluation

Air contact sensor applications in the NDE/NDT industry

Ultrasound systems have to be calibrated. A Plexiglas reference materials is used to calibrate the speed of sound in the environment, the speed of sound into the material and the attenuation of the material.

The distance between the two transducers has then to be kept constant. The ultrasound burst sweep 800kHz to 1.2MHz for 15 microseconds.


Accurate thickness measurement

The system was checked using calibrated ISO gauges.  The gauge does not need to be perfectly horizontal because the error of thickness due to the non horizontality is taking into account. The accuracy obtained is smaller than 4 microns, thus those two gauges below were differenciated.




The industrial prototype is patent pending


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