MHM Microtechnique & Ultrasonic Instrumentation

Development of NDT and NDE ultrasonic equipment | Development of non-invasive and non-destructive testing methods | Development of ultrasound spectroscopy techniques for material characterization, for on-line applications and for quality and process controls | Research support in ultrasonics diagnostic for rapid, in-line, dynamic, sizing, texture and structure analysis

Ultrasonic equipment


Commercialisation and development of ultrasound spectroscopy based techniques for texture & structure of solid and liquid characterization

Commercialisation and development of non-contact ultrasound techniques for engineering applications (dynamic, rapid and on-line)



Non-contact, non-invasive, non-destructive evaluation application of the ultrasound spectroscopy technique to the mechanical, the petroleum, the biological, the process and the food industry



Ultrasound is a technique which allows investigation of materials in the dimensional range from the millimeters to the nanometers, depending of the frequency applied to the system. Ultrasonic waves are compressional waves interacting with the matter through the compressibility, the density and the scattering of the internal structure. Thus, information of the texture and the structure can be determined.


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